A whole-of-service consulting company with a philosophy:   'Art and science collide'.

The art of software design

An obsession with user experience makes each and every project an exercise in understanding

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The science of simplified complexity

Solving hard problems makes the work worthwhile and rewarding

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A single tidy package

Everything from idea to delivery, so there's one point of contact and no friction between phases

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There's a new groundswell of change, happening everywhere.

Unexpectly, and after years of being slaves to technology, people are back in control.

A new revolution of creativity and expressiveness, in a brand new economy, is being unleashed on networks deep within the mobile web.

Empowered by technology, a very human experience is returning.

Yes, it is still underpinned by science and technology, but this time revealed with individual flair.

Beautiful and powerful, art and science are now working together.

So, what is happening?

We're doing things that were previously impossible. Making life good again. Making things easy.

Here's the big idea:

We design amazing software experiences, starting with the human element. Sparing no efforts to get the human part right before digging into technical details. Born in the cloud and built visually, creatively, expressively. We take faster-than-ever IBM Bluemix™ delivery techniques to return people to their rightful place as the creators of their own universe.

Get the picture? Well, now you can play your part. There's no better time to get involved in this new economy. You can make a difference.

So tell me: What would you build if anything was possible?

Are you ready?

  • UX first

    Starting with the user experience (UX) ensures an absolute devotion to the human experience. Don't believe those who say that user experience can be 'slapped over the top' like a coat of paint. The user interface is the only point of interaction with the system so, along with the fact that people simply don't read user manuals, it is one of the most critical points of success (or failure) for your business.

  • Open wins

    Choosing between open standards and closed, proprietary systems? Choosing open systems and standards always wins. Open standards tend to have a longer shelf life and better interoperability. No single person is solely charged with the task of promoting open standards and supporting community projects, which means it is everyone's obligation.

  • Not more complex than it needs to be

    Cartesian Creative brings the art and science of technology together for systems, apps, sites and campaigns that are not more complex and expensive than they need to be. By speaking the three languages of tech (Geek-speak, Über-designer and Business-blurb) the language barriers are broken down. Let's get to the heart of the project and solve real problems. Make contact today — together we'll do great things. Maybe, just maybe... we'll have some fun along the way, too.

  • "Very personable and extremely helpful. Quality projects on time, at a good price." - Shane Hickey (BioMelbourne)

  • "From the outset, results-driven, can-do attitude has been both refreshing and infectious." - B. Appleby (Stockstreet)

  • "Overall, was impressed with your ability to quickly pick up knowledge and understand our business over the workshop sessions." (Business Stakeholder)